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People Of Udaipur
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Udaipur People

Udaipur People

People of Udaipur are well known as the Rajputs who were valiant warriors and rulers. It is impossible to classify Udaipur People into a community group. Powerful Sisodias, Rathors, Chauhans and Solankis are come into the Rajput community. Mahajans, Shrishrimals, Agarwals, Maheswaris, Lohias are classified as Marwaris. Udaipur language is Marwari and Udaipur people earn with hardwork depend on their skills and talent not on the caste. Rajputs of Rajasthan belongs to the warring clan.

People of Udaipur Religion

Most of the Udaipur People are Hindus and they devote God Ganesh, God Krishna, Goa Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi and Parvati. Populations of Jains are more in Rajasthan and there is lots of Jain temples are presented famous for beautiful carving. They are followers of Lord Mahavira. Jainism is grown among the business families but it was never consented by the Rajputs. Population of Udaipur encompasses Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Parsis. After the Hindu People in Udaipur, Islamic population occupies second number in the religious group in Rahasthan.

Udaipur People Costume

The costumes of People of Udaipur are vibrant in color and unique that shows the incredible Udaipur Culture. The customs of the Udaipur people are eye-catching. Cloths of Udaipur people guard them from the sizzling heat and glacial winds of desert of Rajasthan. The dressing of Udaipur people shows the taste of royalty.

Men's Costume
Mens Costume In Udaipur

Men's Turban, Angarakha and Dhoti-Pajama are the outstanding cloths shows stupefying culture of Rajasthan. Turban is a sophisticated headgear of men in Rajasthan. People of Udaipur wear flat pagri. Color of the turban replicates the caste and the region of the Rajasthani Men. Angarakha is comes in different colors. It is usually wear on the upper part of the body. Dhoti is wear to on the lower part of the body and it is available in silk and cotton.

Women's Costume
Ladies Costume In Udaipur

Women of Udaipur dress colorful vibrant cloths. Striking Ghagra, embellished sarees and dazzling jewelry of women's are look startling. Ghagra of women is long and length is up to ankle. Pleats on the skirt signify prosperity of women's of Rajasthan. Most famous Ghagra is with mohra and chunri prints. Women's of Udaipur live life with delight and respect.

Bhils People of Udaipur

Bhil are the largest tribe and constitute approximate 38% of the total population of Rajasthan. They are known by the name bow men of Rajasthan. Bhils tribes are also described as a fighter because they fought bravely against the Mughal Empire and British. They are outstanding archers and they are also occupying third largest place among the tribes in India. They follow restrict rules and marry only in their class. Most of the Bhils people of Udaipur reside in nearby area of Chittaurgarh and Udaipur. Bhils celebrates Baneshwar festival with joy which celebrated in the month of January and February. They gathered near the Mahi and Som rivers and celebrate this festival by dancing and singing. Aryan language is the main language of Bhils. Main Occupation of Bhil Udaipur People is working in Agriculture Farm. Ghoomar and gair dance are quite famous among the Bhil Udaipur People.

Minas People of Udaipur

Minas People of Udaipur is the largest tribal group in rajasthan. Mina's people are the original residents in the Indus valley. They are belongs to a dominant militant group and Udaipur language of this peoples is traditional. In historical Vedas Minas are depicts as the Aryans. Men of the milans tribes wear waistcoat and turban on head. Women's wear sparkle skirt called Ghagra. Mina's people follow the Gods Krishna, Ram and Hanuman. Main festival of Minas people is celebrate every year in the month of March to respect Godess Sheetla Mata. During this festival all the people of minas tribes gathered at Chaksu . They also celebrate teej, Gangaur and diwali etc.

Gaduliya Lohars of Udaipur

It has believed that Gaduliya Udaipur people were faithful to Maharana Pratap and this people clashed fearlessly against the Mogul Emperor Akbar. After the death of Maharana Pratap they are forced to work as a blacksmith.

Garasias People of Udaipur

Garasias people are from the Chauhan Rajputs of Rajasthan. It is assumed that after defeated in battle Garasias people escape to the hills where they join Bhill tribals. Most of the population of garasias people resides around kotra and Mount Abu. Culture of these people reflects like the Bhil culture and Udaipur language is Marwari of this group. Religion of Garasias is Hindu.

Sahariyas Udaipur People

Sahariyas name has come from the word sher and it is believed that this name come from Muslim empire of Shahbad. They used to stay in the jungle. Their culture is much common with Hindu rituals. They stay in a joint family and not support child marriage. They follow Hindu gods and Goddesses. Chokla Panchayat is a famous to sort out the clash of the peoples in their community.

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