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Dance Festivals In Udaipur
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Dance Festivals in Udaipur

Elegant dance movements, enthralled swings and amazing vigorous colorful dress are the specialty of dance festivals in Udaipur. Folk dances of Udaipur attracts enormous tourist in Udaipur. Tourist from various countries visits udaipur to watch these magnificent traditional dances. They are affectionate towards the Rajasthani Folk dance and music. Sophisticated customs with vibrant colors makes these dance festivals incredible and splendid. Mewar dance festival, chari dance and ghoomer dance are the stupefying dance festivals in Udaipur.

Folk dance Udaipur is the essential part among the peoples of Rajasthan. Energetic and wonderful dance adds Udaipur city dazzling. Admired Dances from all over Rajasthan are also famous in Udaipur. Ghoomar, Chari dance, Terah taal dance, Bhavai dance and Kalbeliya dance etc are the prominent folk dances Festivals in Udaipur.

Chari Dance Rajasthan

Chari Dance Rajasthan

Chari Dance Rajasthan is prominent dance festival in Udaipur. Dancers dress traditional Rajasthani vibrant colorful customs during this festivals and dance on the rhythm of folk Rajasthni Music. Chari Dance Rajasthan is a dazzling and spectacular dance of Rajasthan. It is quite famous amongst the women's of Rajasthan. All the ladies dance with heavy brass pots on their heads. It is very unbelievable to watch all the dancers simultaneously, balancing all heavy pots on head as well as the visible diya and the same time dancing with cheering faces.

Chari means Pot that Rajasthani women's carry on their heads and go to miles just to bring water to their homes. Happiness and bliss reflect through this dance festivals. Lots of tourist gathered to watch this wonderful elegance dance in Rajasthan. Chari Dance Rajasthan is performed on the special eve and festival days. Breathtaking movements with skillful swing on the knees spellbind the viewers. Chari dance festival is indeed a spectacular dance that shows the spirits and ardor of women's in Rajasthan.

Ghoomer Dance of Rajasthan

Ghoomer Dance Rajasthan

Ghoomer Dance of Rajasthan is one of the most popular dance festivals in udaipur and Ghoomer Dance Rajasthan is performed on the auspicious festivals by the Rajasthani women's. Ghoomar dance Rajasthan is the typical dance of Bhils community of Rajputs in Rajasthan. It is a miraculous experience to watch all these women's wearing colorful vibrant long skirts dancing in a folk Rajasthani music. Ghoomar is mainly performed on the main event like wedding by the Rajasthani women's. They dance in circle and perform various traditional dance styles and they dressed colorful ghaghra with gleaming jewels and bangles. Folk dance Udaipur makes remarkable experience to the travelers of globe.

Thar Desert in Rajasthan looks dazzling during Ghoomar dance and spectacular moves of women's makes you to move your feet on the rhythm of terrific songs. Women's from different age take part in Ghoomar dance. They dance in a circle dance gracefully on the traditional beats of songs in same sequence. Arts and culture of Rajasthan is very affluent in terms of traditional scenery. Ghoomer Dance of Rajasthan demonstrate traditional and royalty of Rajasthan splendid culture. Dance festivals in Udaipur are outstanding

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